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Taking Care of Foreign Workers Permit

The rise of foreign investment companies (PT PMA) is closely related to the use of foreign workers in Indonesia. Even though the law in Indonesia requires PT PMA to use Indonesian labor, it’s very common for PT PMA to use foreign workers. What constitutes foreign workers Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20…

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Cross-Border Registration of Trademarks

Intellectual property consists of products generated from the creativity of the human mind. It takes the form of works, literary and artworks, designs, symbols, and trademark. To own intellectual property, we are familiar with intellectual property rights. For example, if someone holds intellectual property rights to an image, that image cannot be used by other…

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Establishment of a Foreign Investment Limited Liability Company in Indonesia

Indonesia possesses tremendous potential as a host State for foreign investment. According to Indonesia’s Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the State’s investment rate during the period of January-March 2018 had reached the figure of 185.5 trillion Rupiah, an 11.8% increase from the same period in 2017. The rate of investment has been steadily increasing. The…

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International Contracts: Important Things To Note

As globalization progresses, relations between one country and another are getting stronger. This applies not only to governments in each country but also between companies and individuals living in each country. This is why we increasingly see work from cross-border companies. Not only companies but many individuals who can carry out contractual relationships with foreign…

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In the Face of A Pandemic, Online GMS Becomes A Solution

In May 2020, Indonesian news platforms broke the news that foreign investors would now be able to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders for Indonesian companies without having to travel to Indonesia. But how? ***   A General Meeting of Shareholders (‘RUPS’) is a company organ possessing authority not afforded to the Board of Directors…

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How to Adjust Your Company’s Deed of Establishment to KBLI 2017

When building and managing a company, certainly many documents are needed. One of the most basic documents is a Deed of Establishment, which is required for many affairs. For example, the ratification of a deed of establishment by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (“MOLHR”) is a prerequisite for the procurement of a company’s…

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